Agility and collaboration at our heart

We meet lawyers’ demands for flexibility and freedom, helping them to regain control of their working lives with our truly agile business model.  We deliberately invest in the happiness of our lawyers by giving them the freedom to work when and where they choose.

Excello lawyers develop their own practice, agree their fee structure and work directly with their clients.  They can choose to build a team, or work on their own, but enjoy the full central support and resources of Excello 360, our business services team.

We believe that teamwork and collaboration are crucial for success.  Our lawyers are confident of the experience and skills of senior, like-minded colleagues, and are incentivised to refer within the firm.

Agile working – the choice is yours

We operate a truly agile working model which allows lawyers to work the hours that suit them, for clients that they choose.

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Teamwork and collaboration

We are a team of senior, like-minded colleagues. Our lawyers share information and benefit from our incentivised referral schemes.

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